Saturday, July 19, 2008

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The day started out rocky with me up at 4 something, Max up at 5 something, and keeping on schedule to get out the door so I could be at the hospital by 8 am when visiting hours open after shift change. The plan was to spend from 8 - 10 with Ray and give him his 9 am bottle and Nora from 10 - 12 giving her a bottle at 11:30. Then, to make a mad dash home and pump before too many people showed up for the baby shower which was this afternoon. I verified that I could walk into room E to talk to Nora's nurse without screwing up my visit to Ray. She told me I would not be able to feed Nora at 11:30 because the other baby was having surgery in that room at the time and I couldn't be in there. To which I burst into tears and told her that she just told me that I couldn't see my baby that day because that was the only time I could today. I'm starting to cry over it all over again just thinking about it. So, I only got about 30 minutes with Nora today until I was booted out. I thought about going tonight from about 8 pm - midnight, but I'm wiped out and just too tired. As tired as I am, I'd probably just go and cry the whole visit all over again making myself even more tired. However, I was able to piece together a bit more coverage for Max tomorrow so I will be able to be at the hospital about double the time I thought I would. I can't wait until these babies are home with me. I really can't.

The baby shower was fab today and I just have the best friends ever. I thought I was going to have to fake it until I make it or as I told the NICU nurses that I had only x hours to get a smile on my face, alas, there was no need. I was able to tell each and every person about my horrible morning with tears in my eyes and then move on to have a great time. I got so many things that I really need in spite of my crazy registry done one night when I was very tired where I couldn't make up my mind about a few things and only having a vague idea of a few things I needed and put who knows what out there. Since I never got back to look at it or edit it, who knows what I actually registered. But, I got a bunch of cool useful things that I really did need. For some odd reason, my camera stopped working during the shower and pics were taken on other cameras that I don't have a cable size to off load from so I only had a few. Here is one with me and the cake.

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Laura in L.A. said...

Debbie, how cute are YOU??? :):) For all of the stress of your current situation, you look wonderful! We all had a great time--I think that's because you attract people who are as fun as you are! Glad you had a good time too. :):)

Love, Laura