Sunday, July 06, 2008

Not me....

The rest of the MRSA results are in. Both my left and right nostrals were negative. My breast milk was negative. Both Ray's cultures (nasal and rectal) were negative as was his blood. Both of Nora's cultures (nasal and rectal) were positive. I'll talk to the disease control lady tomorrow. I must begin cuddle care with that girl of mine...pronto. Now, just need to get those in charge to agree and find out what precautions I need to take.

Nora is getting more and more active. She was awake for quite awhile today and while I was there. So nice. Even when awake/alert, she isn't really tracking yet with her vision. I wonder if that is a problem or she just isn't there yet developmentally. I'll ask tomorrow when I see the doc.

Ray's been having a few more A's and B's (apnea's and slow heart rate/brady's) and the did a few tests on him that all came back negative. They are giving him a bit more oxygen support and up'd both of their caffeine support since they have put on weight. When I was holding him today, he was rooting and searching around for the nipple so I guided him to it for a few minutes. I had just finished pumping so knew he wouldn't get any milk (too early for that yet as he doesn't have the skill yet to suck, swallow, and breath) but he did get a fairly good latch going on and a few strong sucks and his stats (saturation, heart rate, and respiratory rate) were perfect during this time. Since this is very tiring to a lad so young, I only let him do it for a few minutes. Soon, I think soon he will be big enough to start getting food other than through a feeding tube. I also want to ask about the philosophy of adding in nippling (breast or bottle first), the timing (off oxygen support?, a certain weight?), that type of thing.

Max is already in bed and asleep. He was asleep before I even left his room. Tired boy. He was perfect all day until I got home and then he started melting fast. I figured he would and made sure I was home in time to get him down for an early bedtime. He didn't get to bed until late last night after the nap, was up in the middle of the night, and woke up at his normal time.

I don't want to jinx myself or anything, but all seems mostly okay with all three children at the moment. I hope we continue on that path because I can use a bit of a break from the drama and all.


Anonymous said...

Things sound like they are going well. I hope Nora can overcome the MRSA soon. I think she'd love cuddle time ASAP too. I think it would do her a world of good, so hopefully the doctor will let you do it soon! HeidN

Laura in L.A. said...

Not to jinx you either, but...YAY!

Love, Laura :):)