Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another day another disappointment

Nora continues to improve. If she continues to maintain her body temperature (which has been turned off since about mid day) she will move back into a bassinet from the warmer. She was alert and awake several times while I was there and I got to hold her again until the eye doc came and it was her turn. Both Ray and Nora came back negative for ROP (retinopathy of prematurity) which is good, very good. The drama and disappointment comes from the fact that Nora's infection was diagnosed and is group strep B. I tested negative for those at delivery in both a blood and urine culture, but I tested positive for this prior to my CVS. They are testing my breast milk for it now and until then, both Ray and Nora are on formula. Ray for the first time. That makes me sad. And, of course, rounds were done early today and the order to d/c (discontinue, yep, picking up the lingo) breast milk came 15 minutes prior to my first time to breast feed. While sad, I didn't even cry. I'm just getting used to one thing after another and I'm sure that isn't a good thing. Best case scenario, the results are in a few days from now and my breast milk is cleared for use. I'm not quite sure what worst case scenario is at this point, but I think if it comes back positive I'll have to be treated for the infection, dump all the milk I have stored, wait until it has been cleared, and go from there starting over. One guess for the outcome I'm hoping. I just don't understand how it could be positive and Ray not be affected by it as well, but what do I know. Ray has been charmed so far with very few issues from prematurity and Nora continues to bear the brunt of it. The doc switched Nora's antibiotics to penicillin and another 'illin one. I joked with the nurse to be on the look out for a penicillin allergy because with her luck, she'll have one just to add another complication to the mix.

Tracking back a few days, one of the nurses told me that on Sunday morning when Nora got really sick fast from the infection and pneumonia that Ray was very distressed until they got her stabilized. I've often heard of unique twin connections like that and while I was glad I wasn't actually there to see Nora's quick fall I do find it interesting that at lease one person noted it enough to mention it. I actually have seen some of that myself when I've been in a position to see both of them and their monitors at the same time.

Both babies were around 4 lbs 1 oz today.

While disappointed about the breast feeding thing, I'm seeing it as a delay. I'm just happy that both are doing so well at this point. Would rather be safe than sorry...need no more drama or infections or anything of the like. I'll be so happy if it comes back as negative and will deal with it, just like I have everything else, if it doesn't.


Anonymous said...

Oh Deb....I'm sorry. But the excellent news is that Nora is fighting and beating this infection. It sounds like she really is getting so much better.

Laura in L.A. said...

Deb, I am so glad to hear that Nora continues to improve! Prayers going out that Nora's progress continues, and that you are NEGATIVE.

Love, Laura

Anonymous said...

Wow. Hang in there. And congrats on your two little ones. But, I don't understand your post. You have been asked to have your breast milk tested as the source of infection? This makes no sense. Breast milk PROTECTS against infection. It has antibodies in it. Even if you had group b strep in your body, your breast milk will have the antibodies to that exact strain. And if the infection was acquired in the NICU, your breast milk will be able to make antibodies to THAT bug too.