Monday, July 28, 2008

36 2/7

According to the nurse tonight, the twins are 36w2d today...or they would have been were I still pregnant. Somehow that snuck up on me and made me a little sad. It's not that they are doing bad, but I just thought they would be doing better right in good enough to go home any day now. And, maybe Little R. Hard to say. Apparently, he failed his car seat study test with too many desaturations and he was on (or maybe that is back on) an oxygen catheter when I went back tonight. In fact, they are both on a bit of respiratory help, again. They have both been on and off and on and off again various oxygen and respiratory help. That doesn't concern or bother me, much, at this point. What has me confused is that to my eye, it doesn't seem to make one whit of difference. They saturate and brady, as near as I can tell, as often regardless, but probably I'm missing something. I'd ask a doc, but I haven't seen a doc bedside in awhile. Or, rather, I haven't seen a doc after they have examined the baby and reviewed the chart and are bringing it back with change of orders. This is a pain on several levels, the least of which is the night nurses are typically not very good about giving "good" information or telling me about any change in orders. It's like pulling teeth and often just so much easier to wait until the next day to get it from the day nurse. For example, when I went in to see Little R and asked how the test when she said she had just fed him and he had failed the test. Okay, but how much did he eat and dsat during the meal? How did he fail the test? Further questioning reviled dsats, but not how low and after further questioning it seemed like he came back up on his own, didn't need blow by's, but was put on nasal canulas and then changed to the nasal catheter. Like I said, I'll wait until tomorrow and see if I can get more information since it will be a weekday and daytime. Really, the reason I went back wasn't for Little R at all and I only spend a few minutes in with him. Poor Ms. N has been getting gypped on the time lately since Little R's feeding schedule was changed /pushed back again so that if I feed him, I barely have any time with Ms. N before shift change. It would be so much nicer if I could just go back and forth between them, but that just isn't going to happen so that's that. Off to finish up pumping and try to catch some zzzz's before Mr. M wakes me up.

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calliope said...

sending you much, much love.
I think about you and your family often.