Thursday, July 24, 2008

One of each?

I have a post in me about how I was germ phobic before I had a babe in isolation for MRSA and how one of the reasons I hate traveling and staying in hotels that always seem to have at least one stray pubic hair left in the bathroom and you never really know if they wash the blankets and bed spreads along with the sheets and I can't even think about the carpets...ick, ick, ick...I'd rather just stay home thanks. Don't even get me started about the bacteria that can grow in sippy cups that are sealed with the lid after being washed. It drives me crazy and I am often reminding Noemi and asking others not to do that. Anyway, cuddle care with Nora is worth it, but I'm not sure if I am paranoid or properly cautious. Yesterdays clothes went straight into the clothes basket. However, today when I did laundry I realized that the bacteria could have gotten on the basket so today then went into a plastic bag with Nora's dirties until they can be laundered. And, yes, the basket did get sanitized, as well as around the top of the washer, and Max's hands and arms as he was "helping me" with laundry. Ack! I could drive myself crazy with this, I really could. But, again, all worth it and I think much needed for Princess N. I got a bit teary eyed today while holding her. It is so beautiful and primitive in a way (if you can forget for one minute that you are in a NICU half dressed and only partially shielded by a privacy curtain).

And, yes, Nora's hair seems to have a tad of red in it. It is starting to look like I may end up with blond Max, brown/dark haired Ray, and a red headed Nora? I guess time will tell the tale like most things. I'd love so much for both my babies to be home, but I know in my heart of hearts they are not ready. They said probably next week for Ray, but I'll be a bit surprised truth be told. Again, we will see and time will tell. I'm weary. The past 6 weeks is catching up. On one hand, it is good because things have stabilized a bit that I'm not running so much on stress and adrenalin. I'll take that over some set back or problem taking us off the current path.

Shadow is sick and I'm not sure she is going to make it this time.


Care said...

Deb, I love the pictures from the post below. I thought N's hair had a reddish shine - very pretty! N and R are filling out, and are both so cute.

And I am so sorry Shadow is not doing well, and that it's not looking good. {{{Hugs}}}

Laura in L.A. said...


Prayers coming for Shadow. I am so sorry she isn't doing well, and I will be thinking good thoughts for her.

Love, Laura