Thursday, September 13, 2007


Max has started saying "STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT!" a lot the last day or two. And, I know it is not something I ever have said to him. And, it seems unlikely that Noemi has said this to him. So, I asked him who had said that to him and why? Hey, I figured it was worth a shot and I was curious (and keep forgetting to ask Noemi). When I asked, he got a big smile on his face, ran over to me and started pulling my hair and yelling stop it repeatedly. There you have it. I didn't get the who or the where, but I the why came through loud and clear. Ah, that son of mine. He does make me laugh, even when he is exasperating me like he has the last two nights.

The last two days, he has taken really long naps sleeping until almost 5 pm and his bed time is at 7 - 7:15 pm. I've thought about letting him stay up a bit later in the hopes that he may sleep a bit later, but I have to tell you he has been so hyper and mischievous (almost bordering on mean and he is not a mean kid) and rambunctious right before bed that I've put him in the crib and zipped him in earlier than planned to keep him from hurting me and the dogs in his zeal and singing to him with him in the crib (instead of in the rocking chair). He made a half hearted effort to fuss before settling down and putting in his song requests. And, my "I can't sit in the chair/sing longer because I need to take the dogs out to go pee pee and poo poo. They are waiting." works like a charm. He seems to really get this and by the time I am back in side, he has settled and quiet.

I'm reminding myself that this is just a phase like all others and it too shall pass, but have thought about waking him up earlier tomorrow as much as that goes against my grain. We will see. I'm just too tired for these type of antics before bed. Like him purposely spilling and dripping his milk all over his face, body, and couch laughing and thinking he is hilarious while I'm trying to diaper and cream and dress him for bed. Or, instead of picking a book or two to read for bed, throwing them all on the ground. Granted, he did pick them all up again when I asked... before doing it again to see what the reaction would be...then threw them back up the second time until I reminded him that "we don't throw our books". He's just testing and looking for a reaction. I understand this. But, right before bed when I'm tired is more strain on me to keep my cool and be consistent. I wanted to yell "STOP IT!", but I refrained.

Oh, and Shadow really is doing a lot, lot, lot better. I've been making sure she gets the softer bed the last few nights and upped her pain meds a bit and it isn't my imagination, she is doing better. Still limping a bit, but is walking around the house more and happy and able to go out in the morning and evening for a short walk down the lawn and back up. We haven't made it past our house yet, but I think that will come again. I'm so happy and relieved about this.

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