Friday, September 07, 2007

My Hail Mary

On to my last hurrah with my own eggs. My u/s showed two follicles on my left at 11 and 7. Nothing on my right, but no big suprises there. I'm going to take 100 mg of Clomid for 5 days to try to help the quality. Of course, this was my idea. Truthfully, I don't think it has a chance of working. For my cycle day, which I'm counting as cd4 (two days of spotting and two days of normal flow), I really shouldn't have follicles this big. I'm still trying to decide whether to add in the dex or not. And, I think I might look through my med stash and see if I have any expired or soon to expire inj. meds that I may add. Hey, it can't hurt and may help. I'm going to throw the long pass, the hail Mary, and what will be will be. At least I will be able to know, up until the bitter end, I tried and tried and tried with my own eggs.

I spent a few hours with the loan officer and my refinance loan is underway. Thirty days from now, right about the time I get my last negative with my own eggs, I'll have lots of cash on hand. Then, I'll be able to give the agency fee, contract with the donor I have selected, and hopefully be on my way to having another child. At least the odds will be better.

I'm tired and not feeling great and am going to have a house full of company again this weekend and have the 3rd year anniversary of our local SMC group that I'm very active with tomorrow. So, a busy weekend.

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