Monday, March 31, 2008

Good, Fine, Bad, Good

The good news is that both babies are alive, kicking, moving, and measuring at 18w6d with good heartbeats. The peri did the full L2 scan. Everything looked and checked out good with Baby B (the girl). Everything he could see for Baby A (the boy) looked good, but he couldn't seen everything so I have a follow up in 3 weeks on that to see if he can get a better look. I'm sure that all is fine in that regard and the same thing happened to me with Max, although with Max it was the heart and something else they couldn't see instead of the brain and something else.

The bad news is that he could see a big blood clot sitting right on top of my cervix and my cervix was only measuring 3.7 (I think) instead of the better than 5 that it has been measuring. So, it is almost a certainty that I will bleed again (more a question of when, not if) and the worry is that the clot sitting on top of my cervix will continue to cause dilation, which would really not be good, not good at all. So, I'm on weekly cervix check appointments with the Peri until further notice. Egads, no, no, I am just not going to catch a break with this pregnancy, but you know, I'm fine with every frinkin hurtle being put up as long as there is a good outcome.

The good news is that it was fabulous to be at opening day at Dodger Stadium and the Dodgers won a 5 - 0 shut out against the SF Giants. It was great to see my friend and have actual time to talk without child interruptions. Hard to stay worried and stressed after spending an afternoon outdoors at the ballpark of a good game.

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Laura in L.A. said...

Hi Debbie,

Thanks for updating us! Glad the babies are doing well at 18w6d (not 8w6d--don't scare me like that!:):))and I will be praying for your cervix. "Long and closed" will be the new mantra!

Glad you got to go to Opening Day! Go Dodgers!

Love, Laura