Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Went public

I just went public at work about being pregnant. And, the response so far has been great. But, I am irrationally nervous. In an ideal world, pregnancy has no barring on work, but the world isn't ideal and I know it will be factored into things. So, the worry is two fold. One, now that I've gone public something bad will happen and I'll have to tell them. And, two, nothing bad will happen and worse case it will be held against me, moderate case I'm subtly judged as a result (not of being pregnant or having more children per se, but because of work assignments, impressions of my work performance, etc.). Ah, no going back now. It had to be done.


calliope said...

wow. big step.
Hopefully you won't be treated any differently. but of course so many co workers/bosses are wanks...

thinking of you

Aimee said...

I really hope your coworkers & boss are happy for you instead of frowning upon it!! We have several frowners were I work!