Tuesday, March 04, 2008

All's fine.

As far as I know, all is fine. After the big bleed on Saturday night, it turned to spotting just like last time. Still spotting, but it is now old blood. I decided to just wait until next week to see my OB because really, there is nothing to be done anyway and I'm still feeling miserable enough that it is unlikely they are all dead in there. Sunday was busy with Church and taking/picking up a friend to/from ER and Max has been torturing me by not napping then waking up a lot at night. Last night it was something like 11, midnight, 2, 3, and 4:15. I don't really remember Sunday night. It wasn't as bad, but still several wakings. So, I've just been chilling, reading, and pondering whether I'm mildly depressed. Max finally took a nap today which means bedtime is pushed back. But, alas, no nap for me so I'm tired. The good news of the day (other than the whole Max napping thing) was that I didn't vomit at the dentists. Brushing of teeth is still a vomit trigger for me and probably it was a blessing that I barfed at home in the sink brushing before I left. I'm pretty sure I didn't role my eyes at her when she started lecturing me on how important it was to brush after puking cause it was like acid. Like I didn't know that would be the ideal gold standard. Hey, I'm just doing the best I can here.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness all is well. Here's a weird idea about your son's night wakings - make sure he isn't using toothpaste (or food products) with red dye #40. My little boy acted hyper at bedtime for a few weeks after we switched from an all natural toothpaste to one that was artifically colored red. I also remembered that when I gave him cherry Tylenol (with red dye) a few times in the middle of the night when he was sick, he would be hyper and couldn't fall back to sleep. I read some stuff on the internet and now I'm convinced that some kids have bad reactions to Red Dye #40. One friend agrees with me. My husband thinks I'm wrong but just thought I would pass that along. Nancy

Laura in L.A. said...

Thanks for updating, Deb. I'm glad the bleeding stopped, and things seem to be okay. I hope hope hope that the nausea abates soon. That would make anyone depressed! If only you could feel a little more normal, I think your outlook would improve a lot! :)

Love, Laura