Monday, March 24, 2008

Ouch and Ick!

Last night as I was trying to dress my overtired, candy loving son, I got a two footed kick right to the bottom of my uterus. To say it hurt would be an understatement. Good thing I love the kid and I know that he knows not what he did. So, now I'm a bit worried about another big bleed and have been spotting more. Sigh. I'm trying to put it behind me because there is not a darn thing that can be done.

Max was overtired because once again, he refused to nap, even though he had been up since God awful 3 something in the morning. Sigh. The good news is that my threats worked and he actually stayed in his crib. The bad news was that he poo'd and took off his diaper and yes, everything in the crib needed to hit the laundry. Then, last night, he was got almost 12 hours of sleep, stayed in his crib, and poo'd this morning, taking off his diaper, and yes, getting it all over everything. Sigh. At least we are making progress in the staying in the crib part, right?

Oh, in looser in the mom department and didn't take one picture of Max on Easter or his Easter basket or anything. Sadly, I didn't even THINK of it until an hour or so after he was in bed and asleep. In spite of the lack of sleep, I think he had a great time this weekend. He loved his Little Einstein Rocket with the 4 Einstein's from the Easter Bunny. He has dug into his basket with a vengeance saying. "MMMMM, I love candy. I love it. Mmmmm" or other such sentiments. Last night and today when I mentioned something about Easter and the weekend, he would take my hand and shake it and say "Happy Easter". Ah, I do love the kid so even though he can be a royal pain sometimes.

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Laura in L.A. said...

Deb, you amaze me. You "take a licking and keep on ticking!" :):) May I be half as logical and unflappable as you are! Fingers crossed for nothing scary.

Don't feel bad about taking no pictures--this "Bad Auntie" forgot her camera, too. But the niece and neph were so cute and they had so much fun, and we had a delightful day. I'm glad our boy Max had a great Easter, too!

Love, Laura