Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another one, edited again

Well, I had another bleed episode tonight. I can't say it was a big bleed, but a bleed it was. And, I'm feeling kind of crampy right now. I was just coming back from a trip to the toilet and just like before felt a big glob of blood just come out. It's an odd feeling as is all just oozes on out. I was able to grab some tissue to mop things up at tad before trooping back to the bathroom for cleanup. Of course, yes, I did just change sheets today and put on a brand new only been laundered mattress pad. Sigh. I'm leaving the sheet mess until morning unless I bleed more. I guess it is too much to asked to just have the blood plop out when I'm sitting on the pot or something. And, now I'm left wondering if this was the result of the toddler kick from the other night or something else. I had pretty much attributed the other big bleeds to the CVS. Who knows? Maybe there just is no good reason.

And, I'm hungry, but don't feel like eating. Too bad Max ate the last protein bar for a snack today as that would be perfect right now.

Edited: Having fun now. Decided a bath was in order and bleed on the floor while I puked in the sink. Just flem and water, but still. Have I mentioned I have a cold? Sore throat, sneezing, nasal congestion and post nasal drip. My pregnant stomach does not do well with flem in it at all. So, proceed to do a quick wipe up, get into the tub, and eat a bowl of cereal. As much as I've vomited, I guess you get a bit blase about it. I'm still cramping and having residual bleeding. More than I would like, but still not in proportion to the "big bleeds". I hate this. It would really suck to loose the pregnancy now what with Max telling everyone he see's about having a brother and sister in mommy's tummy.

Edited, again: Very, very, very crampy. Passing some pretty big size clots into the toilet every 10-15 minutes. Just took some Tylenol PM to see if that will help or at least help me relax/put me out.


Anonymous said...

Oh no Deb. Are you going to call your OB this morning? I hope it's nothing too horribly serious. Please keep us posted.

Laura in L.A. said...

I am so sorry you are having to go through this, Debbie. I am praying for you. That's all I can say. I know that there is nothing to be done, and that just horrifies me. I am praying that everything will be fine.

Love, Laura

Aimee & Hannah said...

I hope the bleeding is nothing to worry about. Thinking positive thoughts for you and your babes!