Friday, March 21, 2008

Praying for patience

I've spent most of the day praying for patience (on and off since 11 am). Doesn't bod well and isn't a good start for a 3 day weekend. I've wished several times that I didn't give Noemi the day off. Max hasn't been horrible awful, but he hasn't listened very well and seemed able to push my buttons easily. It's not as if we didn't do fun things. I took him to his gym class, we colored easter eggs (my word that was a messy affair that really had me doing self talk about about staying calm), we blew up and filled his little pool with water and played in the back yard. We did fun things and I only snapped at him and raised my voice a few times (of which I'd feel guilty if it seem to bother him at all, which it didn't...sigh), but it was a long, long day. And, yes, he is already in bed. Hopefully for good. He's started climbing out of the crib again, in spite of the crib tent. When I locked down the zipper so he couldn't get to it, he made/crawled through a whole in the netting.

I'm tired. I'm crabby. And, even water is giving me heartburn today.

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