Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Drama

As I told the on-call pediatrician tonight as Max was hysterical saying he didn't want to see a doctor "the good news is that he ate all his peas and asked for more, the bad news is he said he put one up his nose". The ped gave me a list of things to try to get it out, but said that if I couldn't I needed to take Max tomorrow to get it out. Since Max woke up crabby from his nap clearly not feeling well and with a runny nose, in addition to his very clear desire NOT to see a doctor, home treatments to dislodge said pea were not successful. Now, I didn't actually see Max do this, but he told me he did and that he wanted it back. It really didn't seem to bother him (unlike the call to the doctor), but apparently, if left tissue can grow over it and attach it and then it becomes a bigger problem. As I was trying to sleep...physically hindered by heartburn, a stuffy nose, and a tad of nausea...I was thinking of what a drag it was going to be tomorrow to deal with this and wondering if this was something Urgent Care could address or if it meant a trip to the ER. Fortunately, my insurance company has a 24/7 nurse line and a quick call to them, a nurse indicated that Urgent Care was the recommendation and showed me how to find close centers that take my insurance. Oh, joy of all joys. This is going to be fun -- NOT. At least Max went down without a peep and hopefully will get a good night sleep, but he is going to fight this every step of the way. The plan is to get up and go to Church/Sunday school as planned then I'm going to call the two closest centers to make sure they are open, they can deal with this situation, and how long is the expected wait and go from there. Oh, my poor baby, he was so upset tonight. And, I predicting more of the same tomorrow.


Care said...

Oh my Deb - I feel for you (and Max too!) Ethan once put a small smooth rock in his ear - which took us to the ER, and ENT, and finally outpatient surgery to remove under anesthesia (but only because it was literally wedged in there). I do hope that peas in noses comes out much easier than rocks in ears! Really hope it goes well.

Katrina said...

Yikes! Hope it went well today, let us know!