Saturday, March 15, 2008


I should probably say that the best part of the day was spending time with my son, or all the family and friends we saw today. But, I have to say that, for me, the part of the day that made me happiest was finding my long lost car keys. They have been missing for at least 2 and maybe even 4 months now and I've been using the spare set. Good thing I never got around to going to the dealer to get new ones. The second best (non family/friend thing) was when I stopped by an estate sale benefiting the Golden Retriever Rescue I foster for to check out their baby stuff. Sadly, not cribs, but they did have a small little tykes car for $10 that I got for Max. They also had a nice double stroller, but were asking $75 which was too steep for my blood. But, by the time I went back to the car for the money for the car, I ran into the lady from the rescue that matches me with the foster dogs and she was so happy to see me and said they had a present for me and took me to the double stroller. She was so excited and told me it was a gift. I insisted on donating $20 to the rescue for it. Still a good deal. The worst part of the day was having a vomit fest tonight (ah, haven't missed that the last week or so). And the second worst part of the day was not getting a break with and being really busy.

I'm company free for the first time in awhile. It's just me, a sleeping Max, a tired dog, and a sleeping cat. Whew! I need some alone time tonight.


yfnr said...

Deb you should look into joining a local Mom's of Multiples club. Often times you can get some great twin gear for cheap. Also, since Max is so young, you may score on a nice triple stroller.

Just a thought from a fellow twin mommy.

Laura in L.A. said...

Debbie, I am so glad that the pet-foster people gave you the twin stroller! You are such a generous and giving person, and you deserve to have that recognized, OFTEN!

Of course, you returned their gesture with one of your own--a donation to the charity! But that's you, Deb! :):):)

Love, Laura