Saturday, February 02, 2008

T - 3

Almost 3 days until Tuesday. Not only is it election day with my garage being the polling place for my precinct, it is CVS day. I'm a little worried and nervous about the procedure. Oddly enough, less so since I found out that Dr. W (the CVS doc) prefers to go in vaginally for the procedure. Because there are multiples, he may not be able to do them all that way, but the fact that he will do as many as possible that way is reassuring to me. And, I guess I had better figure out how I'm going to vote and think about and probably not actually complete sweeping and straightening the garage for the big voting event.


Drowned Girl said...

Good luck xxx

tripntwinmom said...

Hang in there sweetie. Hopefully the sickness will subside soon. Once your SR is done, you might have some time to relax and enjoy this pregnancy...Good luck with your CVS.