Saturday, February 23, 2008

In other news

I was down 10 lbs from my last OB appointment when I was in the other day.

I haven't v*****, P****, or b***** in the last two evenings. Must not actually say the words so as not to jinx the situation. I had heartburn yesterday, but have been feeling pretty darn good today and was able to was compelled to eat...was starving and required feedings every 2 - 3 hours.

I'm peeing up a storm up to every 10 -40 minutes.

I suspect that Max may be color blind. He is terrible at his colors and only gets "orange" consistently right. From the kid who was pulling up the letters off the hall floor several times today and carrying them to me and telling me the correct letter (only got L and Q wrong) and then (thank goodness) going and putting them back. It doesn't add up. He's pretty skilled at diversion and distraction so only started to really pay attention and focus on it the last few weeks. I always thought that being color blind meant that you may have difficulty telling shades like blue, green, and purple. Or, red or orange. I did a quick read on it last night and it seems to fit as he gets red/green mixed up and maybe even yellow/blue which just threw me off until I read Anomalous trichromacy is a common type of inherited color vision deficiency. Of course, I could be wrong and he could just be really, really bad and naming colors. I haven't gone back to look, but I would have remembered if this was on the donors profile and there is no history on my side either. I'm going to keep my eye on it and ask his teachers to look as well. I talked to Noemi the other day, but he named every color right when I was asking in front of her, but only after we had been working on it that morning before she came and I'm almost positive that he just repeated back/memorized what I had told him a bit earlier.

The OT eval went well today. He liked this assessor much better than the other one. Maybe because she was an older mom with two young boys at home and related better to him? Anyway, she felt like his case was borderline and will just recommend to keep up services underway. She said if he wasn't already receiving services, based on what she saw, she wouldn't have recommended it and only for me to focus on helping him write/hold pens, pencils, and crayons better. I had requested an independent eval after Max had started OT and the therapist downgraded his fine motor skills (from 16 - 18 months at 26 months to 13 - 14 months at 29 months), but also recommended only once per week (when two were in the original recommendation and approved/funded) after there were scheduling issues from what they told me was available and what actually was available. I figured that the variance was because it was his first session in a totally new environment and I wasn't there. I haven't yet had a chance to go to a session yet, but am going to try to go twice in March and have my work schedule blocked.

On Wednesday, I gave Max the choice of underwear or diaper. He chose underwear. No accidents. On Thursday, same. On Friday, he chose diaper. Today, he chose "no diaper", but did have an accident. I'm sure my fault because I didn't turn off the TV and go take him to sit on the toilet even though I was pretty sure he had to go. Tonight, he asked for his "potty book". He looked at the pictures and read it for about 5 minutes before allowing me to read it once.

Max seems to be favoring his left hand these days. Makes me wonder if he is going to be a "lefty". He is getting quite good at moving the mouse on the laptop and navigate to where he wants to go on Disney Playhouse and this morning did it all with his left hand. Then, tonight he was doing it with his right so who knows.

Max is a witty, funny guy.

One of his favorite things to do these days is chase/hunt the cat and when the cat runs Max laughs like it was the funniest thing ever and says "I'm so silly". When I reprimand him and tell him it isn't funny and it isn't nice. He just laughs harder. Sigh. I guess this fits under the boys will be boys category and I don't condone it, but don't really know how to stop it either. The only thing that keeps me from getting too worried is that he will never catch City so can't hurt him.

Max had a dentist appointment this week. The entire drive there he was calm but kept saying he didn't want to go and didn't like the dentist. He screamed the entire time his teeth were cleaned (my choice to either wait or have it done despite his protests) and then again when the dentist was looking in his mouth. This morning, we spent about 30 minutes playing dentist. He would put his hand by my ear and the other by my mouth (I'm assuming where they held his head steady) and told me "It's okay. Almost done." (like I told him at the time). Then, I got a balloon. :)

Tonight, before bed, we had read books and I sang him a made up song while he pretended to sleep on the floor. He's been trying to convince me to let him sleep on the couch, in my bed, on his floor, on the small bed (the folded up tumble mat that we use for various things such as forts, a slide, etc.). After I captured him and had him crib contained I was sitting in the rocking chair for a minute or two. Me: Max, I really enjoyed spending today with you. I had a good time. Max: Thank you, Momma (said with a big smile)

That early morning red spotting was an isolated incident for today. I occasionally had slight pink on the TP and once had a bit of old blood, but nothing new. So, maybe the blood had just been sitting up their waiting for me to get up for the day to drain out, getting out of bed was just too much of a strain (ha ha), or resulted from the BM. Who knows. I'm not complaining.

Today was actually a really good day. I felt better than I have in awhile. I was able to have a lot of rest and horizontal time and still spend good quality time with Max even if it did include too much time on the computer and watching TV.


Anonymous said...

Hello, It's wonderful that your scary episode passed and you are feeling well. I'm the one who had a toddler when I had twins. You are so lucky to be getting Max potty trained before you deliver! My son was 2 years and 3 months old when I had the twins and my belly was so big that I couldn't do the potty training very well after I was about 6 months along and then I just gave up until the twins were about 6 months old. Plus you are lucky to have Noemi reinforce the potty training, too. Anyhow, it was awful having three in diapers at the same time and trying to do potty training with new twins. Hopefully, Max will be completely trained by the time you deliver! nancy in AK P.S. My sister just had her second IUI so that is one reason why I feel connected to some of the SMC blogs.

Laura in L.A. said...

Hi Debbie,

I am relieved that you are feeling better and things are looking good. Thank God.

I adore hearing about Max. Loved the "playing dentist" story. :):)

Love, Laura

calliope said...

your day sounds so good. Max seems like one groovy little boy.
I am thinking of you & hoping that you can continue to get the rest you need.


Anonymous said...

Hey Deb,

Just quick wanted to say no worries over the color thing. It comes just a little bit later, probably in another month or so, same exact thing is happening here, and was the same with Carver. It takes a little longer for them to really get it when they see it presented in so many different ways. Harder than letters and numbers... I'm sure he's not color blind. :-)

And so glad to hear you are feeling a bit better... but don't want to jinx it! :-)