Monday, February 25, 2008

One step forward, one step back

Back to not feeling so great. Not awful, per se, but not great either. No vomiting, just nausea and heartburn. I'd rather have vomiting over nausea.

Things that irritated and annoyed me today:

Max waking up too early then kneeing me in the stomach while hanging out in bed. It hurt a lot. Thankfully, no bleeding or spotting or anything too bad.

A work meeting that has been on the calendar for weeks for my new role where the person stood me up.

Noemi getting home at 2 pm (his nap time is at 1 and I like him/them back a little after noon so he can have lunch and settle a bit) with the reason that Max was having so much fun he didn't want to leave. As I've told her before, Max is the child and she is the adult. If it is time to go, it is time to go and he will get over it. She is the boss not him.

The SR doc's office today calling to tell me that 1) they haven't received the CVS results yet 2) they called my insurance and were told that the procedure wasn't covered 3) the needed to move my appointment time. Taking things in reverse order...the friend that was going to take me can't at the new time. I'll be driving myself. After two calls to my insurance company (I'll spare you the details), got that all worked out with a three way call doc's office. We were able to get the CVS results from my OB's office which is easier than the place where the procedure was done.

Wish I was feeling better. At least Max is in bed/asleep since he didn't take a nap.

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