Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Big Day

Today is the big day. The poll workers will be here in about an hour and the polls open in about 2. I told the inspector that normally I help break down and count ballots but that I have a medical procedure today and they want bed rest after. The inspector is the wife of someone who has been inspector here several times. The old inspector came to help set up and said his wife was nervous, but he told her I always help at night. Ugh. I told him about the medical procedure and he got a bit worried looking. Since none of the workers who showed up last night have ever worked an election and neither has the current inspector, I probably will go out and at least sit and supervise once the polls close.

I'm toying with closing my door before I leave and sneaking in the sliding door when I get back in an attempt for Max to not know I am home and hiding out in my room until after he is in bed. In fact, I've made up my mind that I'm going to try it. We will see if it works. I've tried this bed rest thing once or twice and if Max knows I'm here, he wants me. Plus, if he naps, bedtimes haven't been that great. They are not awful, but just lots of "mommy, I hurt my toe, it needs kisses"; "momma, I hurt my head, need kisses"; "more milk, momma, more milk momma, more milk momma"; "mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy (until I appear)...I need a fresh shirt, this one is wet (because he took off the lid and spilt his milk everywhere)"; "momma, momma, I'm hungry"; "mommy, I want water (I get him some water)...no, mommy, I want milk"; etc. Then, finally, about an hour or so later, he finally settles in and falls asleep. I wonder if he would do the same if Noemi puts him down. Now, if he didn't nap...all the more reason to try and be invisible until he is down, but once in his crib, I don't typically hear a peep unless it is to ask for more milk.

And, the big CVS is today. I'm a tad nervous about the procedure. Not nervous enough to loose sleep or anything. In fact, I slept better last night than I have in ages. I needed it. And, it will be a busy morning with getting the poll open, then have work meetings non stop until I need to leave so there will be no time to fret.

If you are one of the (what feels like) 500 friends I owe return calls and who have tried to get a hold of me to no avail. I'm sorry. I'm just such a bad friend right now. It's not personal. There is just a lot going on and (not to repeat myself to death) I just haven't been feeling great. I haven't even checked vmail on my cell in days and didn't even realize until last night that it has been on mute since Sunday morning when we went to church. Maybe that will get done on the way to appointment this afternoon.

Maybe progress is being made because last night when I stopped work, I was so tired, had a headache that wouldn't quit, had a drippy nose, and figured I could barf at any moment. However, I took some Tylenol PM (to make a dent in the headache and dry up the nose...which will often reduce the actual vomiting) and sucked it up and took Shadow out for a short walk before Max got home from swimming lessons and a short while later, I was actually feeling better and had a pleasant evening such that I wasn't ready to throttle my child during the long drawn out bedtime. And, I was even hungry and able to eat dinner. Of course, I had to order in because, egads, I have no groceries. In fact, I'm hoping that Noemi will stop for some milk today/this morning cause we are almost out. And, the spare I thought was out in the outside fridge has been used up.

Big Day. Go, go, go. It's only 5:30 am and I'm already looking forward to tonight when I can just lay down with nothing else that needs to be done.


Laura in L.A. said...

Debbie, I am thinking of you and praying for you today. I hope everything goes well, and I hope you are able to rest afterwards.

I cannot believe that your house is a polling place, today of all days! But of course it is...in addition to all your many, many other qualities, you're a great American. :):)

Love, Laura

Care said...

I'm thinking of you today, and hope the procedure goes smoothly.

Nina said...

Debbie, hope all goes well.

Thinking of you,

Anonymous said...

I hope everything went well today. Keep us posted.

Jenny (HeidN)

Solitaire said...

Hoping it went well today, Deb.

tripntwinmom said...

Hope all went well!