Monday, November 24, 2008

When the seasons collide

I almost took a picture. Really it is quite amusing. Messy, absolutely. A pain, you bet. When it is complete, beautiful. In the mean time, a bit of a safety hazard.

I'm taking down Halloween, putting up Christmas, and preparing (as much as I plan to) for Thanksgiving.

And, now, I must stop and go pick up a 3 year old tornado to add to the mix.

I told him I was going to get the tree up today on the way to preschool. He was thrilled. If he had his way, it would stay up all year. He cried, literally, for weeks when it went down. Has ask throughout the year to put it up with an increasing creshendo since Halloween.

Yes, a bit early, but really it needs to be done while I'm off work, Max is in school, and I have help with the babies so today thru Wednesday is it and I have a friend coming in town tomorrow so tomorrow is mostly out.

I hate putting it up, dislike taking it down, but just love it all when it is decorated. The earlier, the more time to enjoy.


Miss X said...

You have a 3 year old. Deifnitely stretch Christmas out as long as you can...and don't forget to remind the little guy Santa only brings presents to the good children. ;)

Anonymous said...

Last year Thanksgiving was the 22nd. So, even though it is still before Thanksgiving, the date you're putting the tree up is about the same. :)