Monday, November 17, 2008

The house of germs...

It's official. I live in the house of germs. With a three year old in preschool, it doesn't matter how much hand washing you do. The germs seem to find us. It doesn't help that said kid will use his fingers and/or arm to wipe the snot instead of a tissue and laugh when you tell him that's disgusting. Or, sprays it while he says it. Or, actually use his arm only once every 5 times he coughs.

We've all got it. Including me. Sore throats. Body aches. Buggers. Blow, blow. Suction suction. Crying. Screaming. Sleeping.

Saturday night, we all had Tylenol cocktails as our after dinner drink and went to bed. We all needed it, especially my darling daughter N. She doesn't do discomfort well. An airbubble or a dirty diaper, if in the "mood" can set her off. Not feeling well just puts her over the screaming edge where nothing and no one can comfort her until you take her troubles away. She's training us all well. An unhappy N makes and unhappy household. A happy N makes a happy household. Oh my, does that girl have some lungs on her. She woke up Sunday, with smiles and charm, so one can presume that she is over the worst of it.

The twins have already slept 12 hours more nights total than Max has in three years. Occasionally, they both even do it on the same night. Most nights, Max is still waking up. He came in at 2 am with a nice chipper "Good Morning". Ugh! With the time change (which he has never done well) and the sickness and the biggy...pee'ing through, he's up at least once every night. If I can catch him and change him sometime in the middle of the night when I'm awake, he'll stay dry enough to sleep through. Okay, so it happened once in the last two weeks (but, whose counting). Not only do the overnights give him a rash, the don't work. Double diapering does nothing. A diaper then a pull up. No. A pull up, then a diaper still doesn't cut it, but seems to be the better combination. Just a phase. Soon, it will pass.

I'm still up pumping at least once every night. It continues to suck. I continue to do it.

Lots of doctors appointments this week for routine follup up, mostly with N and finally the synergis shots for the babes in between which I pretend to work.

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Care said...

Oh boy - hard enough for one at a time to be sick - but really hard when it's everyone! Hope you are all feeling better soon and that all the appointments this week go well. I hear you on the peeing through thing. E is still in goodnights (at 7). They give him a rash too - but I just slather his skin with a barrier of aquaphor before putting on the goodnight and that helps. Even C is still having nighttime pee-throughs (because he goes and helps himself to tons of water before bed. Note to self - never again by a fridge with a place to get water right at eye level for a five year old.)