Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

Just waiting for the polls to close so I can go to bed. For those who may not know, my garage is the polling place for my precinct. I've been doing this for at least 10 years now. I enjoy it. Often, we get the same workers for every election. They've seen me move from a dog only family to a kid and cat family. I think City Boy enjoys election day most of all in our house. He is in heaven thinking that all these people come just to see and pet him a few times a year. We've had the best turn out ever for our precinct. This morning, the line was down the drive way and down the side walk in front of our house. City was in thrilled and a bit ruthless as he worked the line standing and meowing until he was acknowledged and petted. He hasn't even come inside yet for dinner or treats. He's a funny cat. There are enough workers that they should get things wrapped up fairly quick, then I can call it a night. It goes without saying that my sleep was limited last night with Max having another early morning. Max just doesn't adjust well to the time change. I keep hoping it will get better as he grows, but it hasn't. He had a major meltdown this morning when I dropped him off at preschool. Poor kid has been through so much change with me going back to work and the time change this week just adding on to months and months and months of change for him. His teacher said he was fine by the time they came inside a bit after I left him. Work wasn't bad, just getting caught up on things and made progress against my training goal, and no time for a nap today.

I've had a list of random items to share and was going to do a post, but I can't think of a one of them at the moment. Yes, my brain is mush and the part that isn't went to work today.

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Laura in L.A. said...

Debbie, you are a Great American! I forgot that you have a polling place in your garage! Glad the multitudes came out to give City Boy his due. :):)

Love, Laura