Monday, November 17, 2008


I've said it before, but here it goes again...I do NOT heart N's neurosurgeon's staff. They have great ineptitude in a basic skill such as scheduling appointments. It really should not be this hard. N has her 6 week post op this week, but the needed u/s couldn't be scheduled on the same day as her visit with the doc. Fine. We were scheduled for a 8:30 am u/s appointment today. Monday. We are scheduled to see the doc on Wednesday afternoon in is satellite office. We get there and checked in after fighting morning traffic, leaving early, have to arraign things to leave so early to find out that they had her scheduled for 11 am. That is a big difference and I was pissed. After waiting for about an hour, N was tired and overstimulated and went from her charming smiling and coo'ing self to her screaming her head off self. I paced with her in the hall glaring at the radiology reseptionist with each pass of the desk and cornered the u/s tech to tell her my troubles at first opportunity as I tried to remind myself that it wasn't their fault and that being upset would get me no where but a bad day or possibly high blood pressure...and who needs that.

While I"m venting, let me just mention how many bad drivers there are on the LA freeways. I often find it quite incredible how many people have difficulty staying within the lane lines or will attempt to change lanes without first looking to see if said lane has an opening. Now, my car (s) are big and diffuclt to miss, but I can't tell you how many times I've almost been broadsided since the twins were born. Don't even get me started about those people who continue to use cell phones without an ear piece or ...and I kid you not... texting while attempting to drive even though it is now illegal to do so in California.

And, while I'm in bitch mode, let me comment on how ironic it is/was that gas prices were the highest ever this summer during a time when I drove the most ever and now that I'm back to not needing to drive so much (Thank goodness, cause "they" are idiots I tell you, idiots!). At least now I'm able to double save that money if you will.

And, for all I give Ms. N a bad rap about being miss cranky pants, she really can be quite a good baby most of the time. We got home around 11 (the u/s tech did get us in a bit early after getting tired of my less than happy looks and pacing, pacing, pacing with N in front of their door) and Noemi was out at the park with R. Instead of calling her home, I figured N was tired from her morning adventures and would likely sleep until 1 pm which was her next feeding time, and I could work while she slept. And, she slept until 12:58 pm waking up right on cue. I could have never ever done that with Max when he was a baby. Yes, you can sooth him more easily, but he just didn't sleep so well or so regular then or now.

Anyway, I'm sure I could find more to storm and rant about, buth the vent has left me tired. I'm feeling better, but still not great with this cold thing going on.

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