Sunday, November 23, 2008

The case of the absent cell

When you sign your child in at Sunday school, it asks for your cell number just in case they need to get a hold of you for some reason. I've always thought this as a tad odd because, presumably, one would be discouraged from having their cell phone on during service. But, I digress. I realized that I had left my purse in the car once I sat down in the cry room and figured it was too much of a pain to haul the twins out and back to the car and they would just come find me if needed. To digress further....during church, a lady that I see quite a bit and how has been a baby holder on occasion leaned over to me, told me that she just couldn't sit through service today to pray for her, but her kids were in Sunday school and she was going to get a coffee. Oh, how that made me laugh.

We were driving home after because I forgot the birthday present for the party we were going and thought about someone I needed to call, but my purse was in the back of the van. Stopped by home, left the kids in the car real quick, got present, pee'd, got drinks, headed to the pharmacy to drop off a prescription from last Tuesday (drive thru), and then headed to the party. Went to call my cousin to answer a question she asked me weeks ago that somehow I got distracted and never answered while I was thinking about it since it had to do with the twins and mirrors she had installed for me and how they were working and my ear piece wasn't working. It was just dead.

It was then that I remembered that my cell phone was actually by my bed, turned off, because I was to tired to get up and charge it last night before I fell asleep and I didn't want it to beep low battery at me in the middle of the night. So glad I didn't actually need the phone today.

Max had a great time at the party. I didn't have a bad time. It was a bit of a pain because the house was up a hill with lots of steps and I had a double stroller and lots of stuff I was hauling. But, the party was a tad strange if I do say so myself, and I do. There are several reasons why I thought it odd, but the biggest was how they tried to pose all of the kids (this was a 3 year old birthday party) for about 10 minutes and wanted them to stand (instead of sit) behind the cake because it would be a better shot. Another odd thing was how most of the kids were brought by their dad, a few by both parents, and only one other woman came with just her child and how more than half of the kids (all who were brought by the dads) stayed for only about 30 - 45 minutes before begging off for various reasons. The only other alone woman was older and had adopted from China. I wanted to ask her if she was an SMC, but got distracted. Like I said, I felt completely comfortable and didn't have a bad time, there was clearly some other dynamic going on coupled with the parents of the child squabbling a bit and several other things. Anyway, neither here nor there.

Speaking of getting distracted, when we got home after being gone pretty much all day, I unloaded the kids, started unloading the car, when Max had to go poo. A bit later, I went to get the twins out of their car seats and R wasn't buckled in. I'm hoping I had started to get him out when I got distracted at home and not that I carried him down steps, drove home, and unloaded him that way. After ponding it and worrying a bit, I honestly don't know, but think that may be the case. I've made a mental note to double check fastenings in the future. Oh my! If so, that was bad, bad, bad. Clearly, my brain is mush and I'm to easily distracted and forgetful right now. The babies are sleeping fine. Max isn't, therefore, I am not. And, I've been staying up later than normal wasting time on the computer which seems like a good idea at the time and not so much in the middle of the night when your up and down every few hours.

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Katrina said...

LOL...I seem to recall that happened with Max once too, didn't it? Not completely restraining him in the car seat. I know I did that once with Eliana too...scared the dickens out of me when I went to get her and saw what I had done (or really, had not done).

That is interesting about the cell phones. My church gives you a pager that vibrates if they need you. My old church gave you a number and flashed that number on the screen if needed....both seem a little less disruptive as undoubtedly someone will forget to turn their cell to vibrate...