Friday, November 21, 2008

Just me?

Is it just me or does anyone else occasionally check their own blog to see if it has any new content when, in fact, you haven't posted any?

Busy week.

Had lots of doc appointments, mostly for N. The neurologist and neurosurgeon both gave N a good bill of health, come back in 3 months. Oh, how I can't wait until that is 6 months, then a year, and maybe some day, never? Both babes seemed to tolerate the synergis shot well enough. Both are still sleeping so well that it is really quite scary and a joy at the same time. It's a mixed blessing since it helps since I don't get a nap now that I'm back to work, but I also miss spending more time with them since they are sleeping more. A paradox like many things in life.

I finally got an assignment at work doing the same thing I was doing before I went out on leave, but for a different group. And, the person I was getting turnover from was taking today as vacation and I'm taking next week and she starts a new gig the first week of December so that has taken up time. Work is so much easier than not work and weekends take on a whole new meaning with 3 kids and little help, but it's all good and we need that "family time". I miss spending more time with the babies or did I say that already.

Speaking of weekends, Max is now officially on the birthday party circuit with parties almost every weekend and two this weekend. It is kind of a pain, but how can I not do it if possible ...espeically with kids he likes. So, I'll be schelping everyone to a bowling party tomorrow and a house party after church on Sunday. Just the thought makes me tired. We got one from a kid I don't think he likes much and it is a gym/Karate type class that Max said he didn't want to go. Was it wrong of me to celebrate and encourage this?

I hear a baby fussing in the other room. Think I will go give out some Friday afternoon cuddles.

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