Monday, June 15, 2009

Yeah for help!

I'm sure this is stating the obvious, but things go really well around here with the right kind of help. My cousin's husband was in town this weekend and started a new job today. They are moving out this way this summer, which is terrific news. They are god parents to all three of my kids. He is an experienced dad with his eldest finished with her first year of college, his second graduated from high school last week, and his baby in middle school. Max just thinks he is the best and ran errands with him and had a grand ole time. Setting up for the party was easy peasy with him out of the picture and the twins napping and I had someone come in towards the end of the party to help clean up and feed the twins dinner. Sunday, I even got to nap while the twins napped. It was awesome and much needed since it was one of those nights where I didn't get much sleep. Last night, I wasn't completely exhausted at the end of the weekend. I almost forgot what that felt like. Made me think that maybe marriage may not be so bad with the right person. I do it solo all the time by myself and don't think too much about it. Maybe that's why it was such a nice suprise.

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