Thursday, June 18, 2009

Some mornings

Some mornings it is much harder to get up and get going. This morning was one of them. Up with a sick feverish hallucinating (although not too bad this time) kid (Max). We both had just fallen asleep (at least if felt that way but it could have been 30 - 45 minutes later) when R woke and wanted to eat at which point I had less than an hour before I had to be up and moving. Climbed into Max's bed because he was in my bed and snoring and finds me like a beacon and wants to touch and cuddle in his sleep..ick. Forced myself up 10 minutes late, but at least my 7 am meeting was canceled this morning. N, my most excellent sleeper, is up eating cereal and watching TV (Baby Bach) while I pump. She sleeps well, but 11 hours is enough for her but at least I got here out of there without waking R for a change. He's not fond of being alone and can usually sense it and wake up and put up a fuss if the crib tent zipper doesn't wake him. You should here him during the day if he is left someplace alone. You'd think he is being tortured or is seriously hurt or something, but just stops and gives his big toothy grin when you come back. I don't need 11 hours, don't think I ever slept for 11 hours, but 7 would be nice. 5? Okay, Max is up and grump. Only 15 hours or so until the next sleep opportunity.

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