Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Baby Dayz

The twins had a field trip to Max's school this morning or Max had the twins in for show and tell today depending on how you look at it. They are having "Baby Week" where people can bring in their babies if they want and all the kids are bringing in baby pictures and trying to guess who is who. Everyone had a wonderful time. The kids all had to tell me they didn't have a baby at home and to show me their baby pictures. Then, they had snacks for the babies which was so sweet, but we had fed them before I left to help it go well. But, all the kids kept shoving the snacks at the twins. It was so funny. Max was so happy. R was in awe. N looked shocked and happy to see so many girls all in one place. She kept starring at all there faces in disbelief and put out her hands to touch them to make sure they were real. N really did well as she tends to be a bit slow to warm. Max came and gave me a big long hug, tried to get R to cause some rucus and held N during circle time. I think the only thing that would have made it better for Max was if R got into his full on menace mode and crawled all over dumping the toys all and wreck the block buildings. It was much funnier to see Max try to insitgate this at school where it didn't work than at home when it does. It was the perfect amount of time...about 40 minutes. R started to reach his comfort zone and made a dash for the bathroom and N was about to loose it from overstimulation. So glad we did it and so like the preschool and teachers Max goes to and has.

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