Saturday, June 06, 2009

State of affairs

It's 5:50 am on a Saturday morning. What are you doing?

Me: I'm up. Been up for almost 2 hours now. Ray cried in his sleep. Woke me up and that was that. I'm now pumping.

R: In excersaucer and not thrilled with it. He was tolerating it while he had his cookie/toddler biscuit in his hands, but seems to have lost. Ah, just started a DVD all from the confines of the couch and he has stopped whinning again. I don't care what anyone says. TV rocks!

Max: Sleeping in. Good. With me short on sleep it's better he gets lot to improve the odds of a decent day. Speaking of the devil, I hear stirring from within his room and expect to see him momentarily. Yep.

N: Getting some floor/tummy time. Normally, she gets put in the exersaucer as well for safety reasons...hers. But, she's really starting to move and getting closer to crawling and with one brother confined and the other alseep it was a good opportunity. She had a follow up with the cardiologist this week and we don't need to go back again for a year. She still has and I forget the medical terms here...a skin tag on one of the ventricles of her heart likely caused by the PIC line in the NICU and then they saw this time the normal opening in the heart has not fully closed yet. Both were dully noted, but neither seemed concerning by either the tech or the doc. And, they even agreed with me that TV rocks since N and a little Barney in mommy's lap made the entire visit much shorter and better than it could have gone especially since the nurse putting her on the table to measure her length set off screams that got people popping in to make sure things were okay.

I both look forward and dread weekends. I like the extra time with the kids, but it is hard and tiring especially when I head into it tired which is pretty much all the time. At least this weekend, everyone seems to be over the sicknesses and are relatively healty.

Big week ahead. Last week/4 days of Preschool for Max (summer school starts the following Tuesday or Wednesday...need to go look that up so it is basically a long weekend which will likely seem forever) and the twins turn 1 with a small party next Saturday.

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