Monday, June 01, 2009

One with the money, two for the show

I took Max to the movies for the first time yesterday. I would say he loved the experience and was ready to do it again soon. The show, not so much. If his mommy had done a better job picking and realized it was a PG movie not G so it was more age appropriate, it would have been better. He got on my lap and cuddled after the first scary part and just looked around at the others. Towards the end, he told me he was tired of the movie and wanted to go home. So, I did what any good mom would do...bribe him with candy after the movie if he let me stay to the end. For even more mommy points, I actually took him to the movies on the same day that we skipped going to church...but, in my own defense, the twins were slightly more than a tad whinny and fussy and it was bad enough I had to listen to it let alone subjecting everyone else in the "cry room" to it, even if it is the cry room. And, by going to the movie with Max, I got bonding time with the older kid and the sitter got to deal with the cranks (okay, just kidding, they were napping for more than half the time we were gone and I really did need the break).

The funny or not so funny thing about the sitter thing was that it wasn't until almost 2 hours after I called and ask if she could come an hour earlier than planned that I realized I didn't even have her scheduled to come at all that day. Then, had to call back to make sure that she did know I meant TODAY since 1) I had already bought the movie tickets online and 2) I had mentally prepared for time away for good behavior. Mental preparedness is key I have found.

Sometimes I am amazed what I can accomplish in any give day or hour. Other, I'm amazed at how little and how I can squander that same amount of time. I *should* be working right now or at least paying bills (and tax return is back so not actually having the money isn't an issue at the present moment), but...I don't wanna (typed with as much whine as possible).

Having a hard time "caring" about my job at the moment knowing the role is going away soon. It all seems like such a farse, like how important can the work be if it isn't important to actually pay to keep a person it it. Oh, I'll get done what needs to get done, but doesn't mean I have to actually feel like it.

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