Thursday, June 04, 2009

What's up

I just sent the following email to my older sister. I actually think I will not hear a word back. When I think about it, which really isn't that often...because I have a lot on my plate right now...I alternate between being angry and sad. We are 13 months apart and her kids are now grown and gone. She lives less than an hour away (pending Los Angeles traffic). When I'm in my angry phase, which I am right now, I remind myself that it has more to do with her than with me and that she has apparently written off and isn't communicating with our youngest sister either. When, I would really just have a good fight with her and be done with it. I'd call, but she's not picking up when I do (admittedly, I haven't called that often...birthday, major holiday's, to try to get ahold of my mom who I thought was at her house and coming to my house, but I wasn't going to be here as planned cause I had to run Ray to the doctors) and haven't heard back. I've sent an email or two and haven't heard back. Presumably, she isn't talking to me. Probably, I would have picked up on this earlier except...I've kind of been busy this year. Sigh.

Did we get in a fight that I don't know about? If there is something I have done or not done to cause problems, it would be nice at some point to know what it is. Because really, I don't have a clue. I feel damned either way. We didn't invite you to Easter which really was an oversight since you have pretty much not participated in any family event in the last few years and you've wanted to keep things small with you and Frank or friends which is fine, but then I heard (indirectly of course, because I presume you aren' t talking to me?) that you were hurt. Then, you do get invited (with plenty of notice) to the twins birthday party and don't even bother to acknowledge or reply either way. It seems that family and holidays were only important when your kids were small at this point. If that's the way you feel then fine, I guess it is better that you are not in our lives right now. Truly, it is your loss. Anyway, I'm presuming since I haven't heard from you that you will not be attending the twins first birthday. It will be the only one they ever have.
I guess I'll go back to just letting things lie and taking the path of least resistance since most of the time that's all I have time and energy to do, but it just makes it harder all the way around. For example, I have a cousin coming in town this weekend for a week...or so I hear through the grapevine...and I would like to see him, but he is staying at her house, then going to San Diego, and this means I likely won't get the chance to see him at all. I totally get him not wanting to stay here since he is single bachelor mid thirties so would be total culture shock, but a shared meal might be nice.

Anyway, I won't go renege my invitation or be petty or any more rash than sending the email, but it would be nice to at least have a clue what the issue is...real or imagined.

Well, I have other things to do, like buy the twins a present, get stuff to make cakes and/or cupcakes, decide on food and decorations ... so, pretty much everything except invite people.

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Miss X said...

Ugh, family stuff can be rough. Don't let it get you down! Any chance your sister could be suffering from depression? Cutting off people can be a sign (I've been there).