Saturday, June 06, 2009

Know better

Just shoot me, pop me over the head, give me a strong reminder next time I even think of uttering the words healthy, reasonably healthy, or any such sentiment. Really. I know better. I do.

R = urgent care = double ear infection.

The bad news, other than the sickness, is that the peds office was too busy to even return a phone call to get us in today and a flock of birds or at least a really big one poo'd all over the twins, the stroller, and the car when I was loading them in to come home...gross. The good news is the urgent care was open, close, quick, and not too expensive.

I started suspecting yesterday actually. R was a little fussy and he usually isn't. Then, he woke up about an hour after bedtime last night screaming and rubbing his ear, but no fever and he went right back. He woke up crying off and on all night, but self soothed and fell right back to sleep. Forgot about it actually in the morning madness until he woke up from his morning nap with a fever and I just knew. So, dealt with early in the day and will get some meds in the fellow and get him on the med. Poor guy.

Now, just hoping N doesn't get it.

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