Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Max Funny

Max's godfather was in town again this weekend and took him to the library to return books and get new ones while they were out running errands for me. I was reading one of them...the only one of the four that we have actually read at this point...he's funny like that...we will get three or four and then really only read one of them most of the time, but he doesn't want to get only one book. He is always trying for as many as he thinks he can get away with. Anyway, the title of the book is called "A diary of a worm". When I got all done reading it, Max asks me in this incredulous voice "where was the diarrhea?" and was so disappointed. So, we have inserted the word diarrhea in two pages to appease the audience. I'm sure that's not what the author had in mind, but I figure installing a love of reading comes in many shapes and sizes. He loves him so potty talk, that is for sure. His god father heard the comment and my readjustment and commended me on my page selection and quick adaptation.

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Lori said...

Oh Deb! That is the funniest kid+book story I've heard in a while! I love Diary of a Worm and the kids at work enjoy it so much.

I like Max's take!