Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Major vent ahead. I'm so angry I could explode.

I spend quite a bit of time in doctor's offices these days and traveling to and from appointments for that matter stuck in Los Angeles traffic. I had an appointment at 8 am this morning for N. To get there by that time I had to have Noemi come in at 6 so I could get us ready and out the door in time to get there in rush hour traffic and needed her to take Max to preschool with R since there wasn't enough time and the school wasn't even open by the time I had to leave. We were supposed to have this appointment 2 weeks after N was released, which was 9/5. I called several times a week for three weeks each time being told that they needed to look into things, figure out what to do, talk to the doctor, etc. and someone would get back to me. No one ever called me back, I'd call them and get the same song on a different day. Finally, I called the social worker at the hospital and told her I was having difficulty, she talked to someone at the office and finally I got this appointment. Not ideal, but I apparently the doc is taking most of October off and these are his last few days in the office. Fine, I take it, make the arraignements I need to make and headed out. Got to where we needed to go, had the cranial u/s and reported to docs office as instructed. After waiting for at least an hour (when I was told to expect a 40 minute wait when I asked when the appointment was set up since I had another appointment in the opposite direction at 1:30 pm) when I was told the doc had just gone into a FOUR HOUR surgery and now would not be available at least until after 2 pm. I kid you not. This has to be the worst run office in the history of poorly run offices. So, I'm home pumping and pissed and have to turn around and go back in a bit and hope the wait isn't too long and had to cancel my other appoinment at the last minute and either need to break my word to Max about picking him up from school or get him early and take him with me when I go back and I am so pissed off I can't even tell you. I don't see how they think it is okay to be so inconsiderate with other peoples time let alone the incidentals like paying for and dealing with the poor parking situation and the gas and the commute. I truly am amazed and would go off on them but people who care so little in the first place wouldn't resonate anyway and things are already bad enough. If I had a choice, I'd go elsewhere, but really I don't. So, I'll be pissed and go back and hope that at some point I actually get to see the doctor. Did I mention I was so angry I could expode?

Oh, and both babies are over 10 lbs now. I really need to clear my memory card and take some new pictures.

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