Monday, October 13, 2008

It's done!

Finally, the nursery is done...or almost done...or as done as it is likely to get for awhile. Yes, the dressers aren't organized, but they are here and they do have clothes in them. And, the walls are bare, but I haven't decided on a theme yet or what I want to do with them. But, the hard work is done. I have two cribs and everything is set. Now, I just need to find the monitor and the baby einstein CD's, cause no way can I hear the babes from my room without a monitor and no way they will sleep in there without music piped in. Getting the nursery done is such a huge relief.

R's dresser and crib.
N's dresser.
N's crib and R's dresser.
N's crib and the changing table.
N's crib. R's dresser and crib.

The closet showing the nice organized closet full of clothes from 6 months to 2T just waiting to get used, N's dresser, and the door to the room to the far right.
N's dresser, the door to the room, and the changing table.


Miss X said...

The nursery looks great. It's so neat. I'm impressed.

Laura in L.A. said...

Did I just click onto Pottery Barn Kids by mistake??? Wow! The nursery looks terrific! What lucky babies!

Love, Laura