Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's over rated, right?

Sleep, that is. Not motherhood. I slept from 8 pm - 11 pm last night and from 4:30 am is - 6:11 am. First, N was up at 11 pm. Then, I had to pump. Then, I couldn't fall asleep. Then, R was up. N wanted to eat again. Max woke up and wanted to cuddle. Then, it is a blur. I've stopped waking one to feed after the other because it backfires so often where the one woken is just awake and crabby and won't eat.

We rallied and went to the farm/pumpkin patch this morning with a local SMC group. It ended up just being us and one other family and we had a wonderful time. My mom was here for a few hours when we got home. Then, I was just in for the home stretch where Max couldn't settle and fell asleep late and R just cried on and off for a few hours.

I'm wiped out and really can't see straight. I'm hoping tonight is a bit better for me, but not counting on it. R was really, really, really fussy which is unlike him. He's settled in to sleep at the moment. I'm hoping either the Mylcon or the Tylenol did the trick for him.

Ah, but it is all worth it. Most of the time, I'm sure of it. I'll have years to sleep when they are grown and gone so I'm just trying to enjoy the now.

The other morning....

I don't tandum feed very often, but if every one has slept well (and it does happen rarely) everyone wakes up hungry and full of energy. Here are a few pictures. The twins actually love it. Max is the best show in town.

Today at the farm.....

N was awake most of the time just hanging out. R slept almost the entire time. Max had the time of his life. He rode the ponies. The rode the train (twice), waiting to sit in the first seat so he could be the engineer. He jumped in a bounce house. He rode a huge tricycle that he could barely touch the petals. He rode a cow train. We took a horse drawn wagon ride. He played on a wooden train (three times). He cried and didn't want to leave. He's already angling to go back. Here are just a few of the pictures from the day.


Nina said...

They are all so cute! N seems enjoying herself and Max is smiling all the time! I'm sorry that Mr R seems under the weather, but he looks good any way. I really hope you get some sleep this week...I just stopped reading your tww notes from last December -because what else to do at 5 am :-) I'm in tww myself, in Colo.rado got transferred last Wednesday day 3: 1x 8 cell and 2 x 7 cells, all ICS.I with assisted hatching (at that stage 1x 8 and 1 x 7 has started moving to a next stage, while another 1x 7 seemed to have stalled. So, obviously now I'm obsessing with early signs. Beta is supposed to be next Sunday but most likely I'll await until Monday.

Laura in L.A. said...

Deb, these pic are wonderful! I love the one where Nora's waving! :):) Such beautiful, beautiful kids. Wow.

Love, Laura

Care said...

What great pictures! R and N are really growing, and Max is so cute! Hope you can manage to snag some extra sleep here and there. The sleep deprived days are hard...especially when there are so many of them.

tripntwinmom said...

Oh my! They are just so cute. N looks great. She seems to have recovered quite well from her surgery.

Beautiful kids you have there. You are one lucky woman!