Wednesday, October 15, 2008

4 Month Stats

Wow, the twins are four months old already. I can't say I'm loving the baby stage like I did with Max, but I don't hate it either. It just seems like there is never time to just sit and cuddle and enjoy a baby. I miss that. I have to remind myself not to be so busy doing that I forget to enjoy the now. There is just so much doing that has to get done.

The twins had their four month pediatrician appointment today. They got a slew of vaccines that are escaping my right now and the paper they are written on is in the other room and I'm attached to the pump right now. However, I have the stats at hand.

Weight 11 lbs (5% age, 75% corrected)
Height 21 1/4 (<5% age, 25% corrected)
Head 15 1/2 (7% age, 75% corrected)

Weight 11 lbs 9 oz (<5% age, 60% corrected)
Height 22 1/2 (<5% age, 50% corrected)
Head 15 5/8 (5% age, 60% corrected)

Just a couple of average joes. :) I almost had Dr. H in tears as I was telling him about my spoiled milk. I had him laughing when he commented on R no longer having oxygen and apnea monitor, how we couldn't keep it on him, had stopped even trying the last few days since every time we turned around he had it pulled off, and how the pulimnolist (appointment tomorrow) is going to have to convince me that it is still needed. All and all, good heath report. All we need to do is try to keep them that way through the winter.

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Care said...

4 months already - wow! They are growing well. Sorry to read about the spoiled milk saga - how very frustrating. I hope that N and R stay healthy through the rest of fall, and winter. I love the recent pictures - can really see how much they are growing, and they are so beautiful.