Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pctures, Pictures, and More Pictures

It's been awhile since I've taken/off loaded some pictures. Here are a few, then a few more. As bad as days like yesterday can be, it's all worth it. As the song goes...just to see them smile.

N's "First" Bath Pictures. Taken in a rush before her surgery very early in the morning by my cousin. N didn't get out of the hospital before my cousin left this summer and I hadn't been able to get anyone else to take some. Noemi and my mom are not photographers. Plus, Aunt TT has done the ones for her brothers. Anyone else would have thought I was insane. Giving a baby a bath at 5 am. She totally got it. Hey, if we hadn't done it then we wouldn't have been able because no bathing aftewards for awhile. In fact, she just had another one since then tonight. Sigh. So much to do, only so few hours in the day. Look how much bigger N is from R's first bath. She's positively huge.
N nice and clean for the her surgery.

Max helping to give N a bath pre-surgery.

A random shot of R his first time in the bumba. We haven't used it much yet as the twins are still working on neck/head control, but they are getting better and it makes a nice change every few days.

N - Post Surgery, the end of the shunt
N - Post Surgery, the beginning of the shunt.

Brother and Sister bonding from the other day.

ps. all three kids are in their own beds sleeping at the moment. Another first.


Laura in L.A. said...

LOVE all the pictures! All your kids are so beautiful, and the babies are getting so big!

This is what you call an embarassment of riches! :):):)

Love, Laura

Nina said...

Debbie, there are a lot of twins around these days but yours are THE PRETTIEST. such wonderful kids!

Susan said...

Debbie - have you noticed how much N looks like you??? Gotta say, she is so photogenic...an I love the picture of you standing her up and she's looking to the side. Anyhoo...you can definitely tell who is the boy and who is the girl now. They are simply beautiful!