Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chugging Along

Just chugging along. Spending a bit of time enjoying my babies and my preschooler, which isn't as hard as last week. :) And, all the things that go along with that like feeding, cleaning up spilt milk, fix it moma, washing bottles, keeping the house clean enough that you can walk without tripping and killing yourself. And, getting things done off the to-do list like trying to organize and set up the nursery in all my free time. You know the twins are over three months now, it might be time to get it done, eh? So, I have a crib in a box to be set up now. Dressers being delivered next week. A bunch of bins and clothes of various sizes being sorted and organized. Yes, still looking like a disaster at this point, but I have hopes of it coming together by the end of next week. Max's room is now free of all clothes (or at least most) that no longer fit him. The linen closet is sorted so I can actually find the sheets that fit my bed and the towels don't fall out at you when you open the door. And, up in the middle of the night feeding babies and pumping. Fun stuff. All part of the mommy gig. Mostly loving it.

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