Friday, May 08, 2009

Worry, Worry, Worry

I'm having trouble keeping the worry bugs at bay this morning. Up to feed R and now can't go back to much needed sleep. Worry about that there is too much to do an not enough time to do it. Worry about work on several fronts. It is busy now and no extra time to get done "non-work" stuff and often I'm working a bit after the kids are in bed. Worry about finances and how I'm going to pay for all this stuff that needs to get paid for when I don't have the cash at hand right now. Worry about the friends I don't have the time or energy to reach out to let alone call or email back. Normally, I can compartmentalize, but that's not working this early morning. As I told someone at work yesterday, I feel like a hamster on a wheel that gets on early each morning and just runs to the end of each day and gets off and collapses asleep until woken and then starts the whole thing all over again. It's all about kids and work right now and that's the way it needs to be, but there is a whole lot of other things piling up on the to do list that is getting so big that it is scary and it is all important stuff not getting done. Good thing I love this mom gig so much and do like the actual work that I'm doing right now or life might be miserable instead of just intense, focused, and busy, busy, busy. Worry, worry, go away, don't even come back another are not useful, nor the added stress you bring.


Care said...

If you figure out a way to shove the worry aside, then you are 10 steps ahead of me. Wish there wasn't so much to worry about.

Joanna said...

Well, given that this is probably the busiest, most intense year of your life I think you are doing amazingly well!

Hang in there.