Friday, May 22, 2009

Life is funny like that

One of the things I've been worrying a bit about is a Father's day celebration they are having next Friday at Max's preschool. I hadn't thought too much about it until they had the mothers day one last month and every single mom was there. I was worried that Max would feel left out and we are already dealing quite a bit with the daddy issue these days. I talked to the teachers a bit about it so they could be aware and I was glad I had because when they started a project (painting a rock) Max didn't want to participate because he didn't have a daddy, but they were able to offer up that all families were different and maybe he could make it for someone else. So, he made it for his Uncle Jim, who is also his God father. The teachers also put up a sign up to see how many of the dad's were going to make it. About 3/4's have signed up so far with a week to go. I had blocked my work schedule and had thought to take Max out for a special lunch with mom. I asked Max about it recently and he gave me this look like "are you crazy" and told me, no, he wanted to stay at school and play with all those dad's and it was fine he didn't have one he could just play with someone else dad. A good reminder to not project my own issues onto him and I was so glad I asked.

Another thing I have been a bit worried about and has kept me from much needed sleep is the work situation. There have been lots of changes and lots of layoffs and more are on the way. I've been thinking about how to play the situation, if it would matter one way or another, and what is important to me right now in a work situation. My cousin and her husband are going to be moving within about 3 hours (or less depending on traffic) and whether I wanted to try to move closer to where they are. I'm glad I had done the mental leg work. I found out today that my current position was going to be eliminated. The organization I have been supporting only since November when I came back from maternity leave was given two hours to decide whether they wanted me and how they can make it work. They did and offered up another name to "save me". It is a lot less responsibility and scope than what I have had in the last 7 - 10 years and I"m sure I'll be over paid for the position, but I'm actually really looking forward to the change and while many may look at it as a step down, I actually look at it as a good career move for the long run and perfect for now. It gives me a few more years before needing to make a big change which will get the twins to preschool, let's me still work at home, and saves my current pay. I had decided that if part of the deal was less money, I was not going to take it and that it was a sign to move on. As long as it was work in my area of expertise and passion, I'd be interested. Like I said, I was glad I had done the leg work so I knew what I would be okay with or not.

I was back in Max's classroom today for a planting project. It was a big mess, but I think everyone had a great time. They each made a pot of flowers to take home and picked another for the school to hang outside. One of the teachers was helping me carry stuff back out and thanked me for it and for all the projects this year and said that she had already told the other teachers who may get Max next year about how lucky they would be.

At about midnight last night, I took some tylenol PM to see if it could help shut off my mind so I could get some sleep. I haven't used that since well before the twins were born because I was afraid it would affect my milk supply. It didn't and I got about 4 hours which was more than I would have otherwise. I"m not sure if it's good or not to know that.

Anyway, just a snipped from half a day of my life. It is like a sprint every morning to the end. I'm looking forward to the long weekend even if it is a different kind of work.

Just pondering how funny life can be and happy things are working out the way they are.

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