Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Under the too much information category, I'm happy to report that I still have not had a menstral cycle since I've had the twins. I had that one way back in the beginning when either both twins were still in the hospital or R was home an N was still there and remember being really pissed off about it, but since then...nada. I feel hormone shifts every now and again, but so old decreped non functioning ovaries have been resting. Almost makes all this pumping worth it. Not sure how long I'm going to go but at least the year mark. Probably until the ped tells me that they can move to whole milk. Since they are on solids now, unless they need a topper off before bed or wake at night, they are solely on breast milk at this point. Maybe the big can of formula we just openned from Costco will be the last I need to purchase. One can only hope. Less than 3 weeks until the year mark. My oh my.

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