Monday, May 25, 2009


Last week, I stopped and got taco's before picking Max up from school...or rather on the way home from a Costco run before picking him up from school. We don't eat much fast food and probably have had taco's less than 5 times. Max asked me if they were from Tinkerbell. Oh, yes, I did have to smile. When he is not being completely obnoxious and calling people butthead and poopy diaper and other such lovely names, he is actually quite pleasant and funny and a pleasure to be around. Since I can't be on him all the time and he gets such pleasure from using such language and thinks he is the funniest thing alive, I have drawn the line that he can't call "me" names and have been consistently enforcing it. We've gone to battle a few times over it, but I think it might be sinking in. I still need to read Siblings without Rivery but have decided to ignore any names he calls the twins right now because they don't understand him and he laughs when he does it and they laugh back eating up his attention so until they can complain, he can call them whatever he wants (within reason) as long as he is respectful to me. Anyway, we had Tinkerbell the other day. It was yummy.

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