Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Better Odds

Last night my mom came to dinner and Noemi was still here until 5:30 pm and bedtime went much better. One person to give Max a bath while N played on the bathroom floor. One person to give R another breathing treatment. And, one person (not me!) to clean up the kitchen/dinner dishes and floor post dinner mess. I actually got to sit for about 15 minutes and play with babies between dinner and bath (where I also straighten and organized toys at the same time because I can't help myself...the nanny thinks clean is throwing all toys in one huge mess into the toy baskets...I think clean is putting all the shapes in the shape box, the fish back in the fish bowl, the books back on the the kids learn they are supposed to go together and have fun taking them out and pulling them to the floor at the next opportunity). It was much better odds and much nicer all around.

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