Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good for the soul

I spent about 45 - 60 minutes gardening tonight after I put the kids to bed and it was wonderful. Granted, Max came out and joined me instead of falling asleep and helped and talked to me and chattered and chattered and I didn't want to stop so I let him get away with it and it was wonderful in spite of not being kid free. I love flowers and I love plants and I love digging in the dirt and I had flowers left over from the planing project in Max's school last week that I really needed to get in the ground before they died and I'm so happy that I did it tonight. I only worked in my front flower bed and planted a few live plants in the pots near my front door that I usually put fakes in during the summer months because it gets so hot they need to be watered every day and usually I can't commit to daily watering. I've got the bug now and want to do more. I have a sitter for Sunday afternoon/evening and was thinking I'd call some friends to see if they wanted to do a movie or dinner because I vowed after last weekend that I need to carve out some me time, but think I'll go buy flowers and plants instead. I feel joy and energy I haven't felt in awhile tonight. It's 8 pm and I'm not exhausted and crabby and dead to the world and I didn't really get any more sleep than usual last night. I'm plotting what flower bed I want to focus on next. It's going to be a win/win as I'm going to be doing a fair amount of entertaining this summer with a party for the twins in June, a party for Max in August and hosting at least one if not two SMC gatherings. Amazing how sometihng so small can be so good for the soul and the psyche.

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