Saturday, May 23, 2009

Good News/Bad News - Edited

The good news is that we (are not yet at least) spending the weekend in the hospital. The bad news is that Ray is sick with respiratory infection/croup and was having stridor (difficulty breathing) so we will be spending the weekend doing breathing treatments, oral steroids, and hopes it stays in control. And, we were on such a healthy streak.

Of course, I had to cancel the appointment with the plumber to dash off to the peds so still don't have a working kitchen sink. But that is a whole other story...a saga really.

R is still sleeping, but was up at 4 coughing a little, but sounding so much better. So, if we stay on top of the breathing treatments, (not to jinx myself) I think we will avoid the hospital this time. Glad we caught it early and I was able to get in yesterday. And, Max's day was made yesterday because the plumber was able to come and let him be the assistant. Ah, the simple joys in life. Sink is currently working and not leaking...for now. Not holding my breath it stays that way.

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Care said...

Seems to be a lot of that going around - we are doing the round the clock treatments and oral steroids right now too, except E is not infection - just asthma flare. Hope Ray is able to bounce back quickly, and hope you can avoid the hospital stay.

Was reading below - a lot of stress, but I'm glad the work situation sounds like it will be a good fit, at least for now.