Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snot and Crabs

I lived in the house of snot and crabs this weekend. It wasn't one of our more fun weekends, but I'll still take it over the work I get paid to do. If only....sigh, the break from work in spite of it all was good and really, I'm not ready to start back at it tomorrow.

N is starting to hold her own and fight back. R tried to push her off a toy and she pushed back hard enough he landed on his bum. He was put out. A bit later, he tried to take a toy and she turned and ran away laughing. And, she was faster than he was. He really didn't like that.

Last week, when N tried that, R grabbed her hair and pulled her down. She REALLY didn't like that. Yes, they have started going at it pretty good. I'm mostly trying to let them work it out themselves.

Max has decided that R can't play with him until he is 104. Or, 12 days from now. Or, when he is his age. Or, my age. R, bless him, likes any attention he can get from Max, even negative attention.

Crying kid. Sigh. Guess I got to go back on duty.


Laraf123 said...

My little one prefers attention from his brother over attention from me! (You know, the mother who still nurses him!) When they are not actually hurting each other, it's fun to watch sibling relationships and their interactions. Sounds like all of your children have their own personalities and know how to assert themselves. That just shows what a good job you are doing!

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