Friday, January 29, 2010

Finding the good

One of the highlights in recent days was N finding the remote control that has been missing for 3+ weeks. Now, if we can just find Max's missing shoe before picture day on Tuesday and R's missing slipper/Robbeze (or whatever they are called) we would be about caught up in the missing household items department.

It's been a long few weeks that has involved mild sickness for us all, whinny crabby kids, and me working lots of long days and nights. In fact, sadly, I am still working at 8:30 pm. Although I vow, I will not work tomorrow night like I did last week. It's going to be this way for awhile and that is just the way it is. I'm going to have to travel in a week or two and I'm both looking forward to it and dreading it in equal parts. The team is going to be there for a full week. I'm only going for 3 (or 2.5 workdays) long days which I feel guilt about but financially (child care extra hours and overnight pay) and emotionally I just can't be gone longer right now. Plus, Nomi's 90+ year old mom is here visiting and she will need to get someone to stay with her mom so she can stay with my kids. The logistics of single motherhood can get complex.

I kid you not. I have 1288 unread work emails right now. There just isn't enough time to keep up.

I have so many critical personal things that are just not getting done. Big things. Important things. Bills and paper work things. We won't even mention the Christmas Cards that haunt me every time I pass them, which is at least 20 times a day.

I can handle a lot of stress and I'm feeling pretty stressed out these days.

This weekend it will just be a low key family weekend with no plans. I can't really say no plans because I canceled a party invite to a good friend that I haven't seen in forever and talked to in so long I can't even remember to celebrate the adoption of her son and his birthday. I feel more than a small amount of guilt, but I'm sure everyone else will appreciate more not having the snot and coughs and buggers we would bring with us even more. And, we just need time to chill out and play. We all need a bit more cuddles and play. So, I think I am not even going to cook this weekend as much as "prepare" or maybe even do a big McD's treat one night and just "be".

I'm looking forward to it and we all need it. Now, back to work so I can get to sleep sometime tonight. That has also been lacking. Although, N was so knocked out last night and R up crying so much that he finally got that co-sleeping. Interestingly enough, without R in the room she slept much later than normal...or she is just sick and extra tired. At least someone around here got extra sleep. Right, back to work so I can at least get some.

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Laraf123 said...

Hooray for the found remote! (I'll help you celebrate the small things.) do you think N would help me find disc 5 of the library audio book which I lost in my car? Seriously, though, just wanted you to know that there is another SMC out here who knows how crazy, stressful and guilt inducing life can get. I'm wishing you a peaceful weekend of just being with your children. Hang in there!