Sunday, January 10, 2010

Less behind

When my cousin came last weekend, she left a bag here that has stuff in it she needed so back again they came this weekend. And, helped take down all the Christmas decorations, took the twins yesterday and Max today on long walks to give me a break, watch the kids last night so I could have a rare night out with some friends, and took Max to a birthday party for me today so I could have some twin time. Twins are napping. They aren't back = computer time for me. Yeah! Yes, the house is a wreck and I still need to get those Christmas cards out, but...hey...some biggies got done this weekend. Maybe, just maybe a short nap is calling. Could I be so lucky?

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Jenny H said...

Hey Deb, just saying hi and catching up! The kids are gorgeous! I'm now number 18 on the donor embie list, but they said there are a TON of embies out there, so I'd better get ready. Yikes!!!! I'm pretty excited. I think I'll try with my own eggs one last time in the next few months. I feel like I'm falling right in your footsteps all those months ago when I followed your journey when Max was just a little baby, and you started TTC'ing for #2. Deep sigh..time goes so fast. Well, wish me luck. I'm pretty nervous. I've got to decide if I'll put in one or two. :) At 41, I'd better get going!