Monday, February 15, 2010


Work has been kicking my butt. Long hours. Early starts. Late ends. A trip out of town. I think I've had 4 nights "off" in a row this weekend and I needed it.

I'm another year wiser today. Max was so excited and I think not just because of the cake and ice cream. He made me a cake (with a little help) white cake with fudge frosting with sprinkles on top and gumbiy's stuffed in the middle.

Biting into a gumby is a bit odd in a cake.

The kids are good. Need to off load pictures. Of them and the cake.

I've ventured out a few times solo recently. Dinner at a "real" restaurant...CoCo's mid afternoon for dinner. I went recently well. And, today to travel town. They were well and strategically planned.

Max has been on a side walk kick the last month or so. We have train tracks and bus ways all over the back yard. He is starting to "name" his bus and train stations and asking how to spell words.

Max informed me that N O R A is almost NO R A Y. He has a point.

They have all been mostly getting along after N knocked R on his butt a few times.

They were all cling ons and fighting for attention after "the trip", but after lots of time with me this weekend things are smoothing out.

The house is a wreck. Okay, just cluttered. Except for under the table which is gross, but I played on the computer and watched the Olympics. I need another vacation to just focus on reclaiming, but that isn't going to happen.

On weekends, I have all three kids who need some mommy time, plus need to cook up. I can either get the dishes done or the laundry almost done, but it stays in better shape during the week when Max is in school.

I wouldn't have washed dishes today except I needed clean plates for dinner.

Everyone has had snotty noses and some coughs, but nothing major. So glad we got both flu shots.

Things could be better. Things could be worse.


Nina said...

Belated Happy Birthday!!!

HOA Mgr Lady said...

Happy Birthday!

Laura said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Debbie! Aquarians rule!

Love, Laura, Maia and Sara

CoCo said...

Happy birthday deb! I hope you can find a few extra minutes of down time: )


Laraf123 said...

Yes, happy belated birthday. Just wanted you to know that starting with the paragraph, "The house is a wreck" down to the end of your post could have been written by me!!! (And I only have 2 little ones) Thanks for sharing--it's good to know someone else is going thru this these days!

QuiltingChaos said...

Happy belated belated... I keep thinking about that gummy thing in the cake. You're a good mom. I don't think I could have gone along with it!